Take two friends with a shared passion for fitness, fashion and all things fabulous – add a generous helping of fairy dust – mix well and what do you get?

A brand new blog which we hope you’ll enjoy reading just as much as we enjoy researching and writing it…

We’re Claire and June, otherwise known as the Powder Puff Princess and Dean’s Diva, and we’d like to sprinkle a little of that feel-good fairy dust in your direction!

We first met in the somewhat sweaty surroundings of our favourite gym, where what began as brief exchanges between our respective PT sessions soon led to the discovery that we had far more in common than just a penchant for punishment at the hands of the best coach ever

On the surface we couldn’t be more different, separated by our jobs, our family circumstances and a lot more years than June will admit to. All of which are far outweighed by those shared passions – at least some of which we hope you share too.

So from both of us to all of you, welcome to our blog. We’re not setting out our stall to become the latest internet gurus here. although we will be pointing you in the direction of some of our personal favourites. But at the very least we hope you’ll find something to make you smile, maybe something you might like to try for yourself – and perhaps even something that might help you be you but better!

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