Back together again!

friendsIt’s taken a while but here we are at last!

When we first started talking about joining forces online late last summer, we didn’t know just how much life – the good, the bad and in a few cases the downright ugly – would keep getting in the way…

But even finding time to get together for the occasional green tea (Claire) and cappuccino (June) was proving difficult. And as for scheduling a proper meeting to start pulling all our ideas together – no chance!

Until a few days ago, when we both said Let’s just do it! So what if there’s not much for people to see to begin with? Great oaks, little acorns and all that, right?

So although distance (admittedly just a few miles!) and other commitments mean we’re not able to meet up as often as we’d like, right here we’re back together again. And looking forward to you joining us, through our blog posts, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed…

Just stick with us – we promise we’ll be sprinkling plenty of fairy dust your way soon!


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